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As a part of your child’s P.E. program, all schools throughout the city will be

participating in the FITNESSGRAM fitness assessment which measures health-related fitness for youth.
All Herberg  Middle School students will perform a pre and post fitness test in physical education classes.

The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment measures aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. We ask that you encourage your child to participate with his/her best effort and to the best of their ability. The FITNESSGRAM assessment is a measure of good health as opposed to athletic ability. Each student will be assessed using the following assessment components:

  • PACER (aerobic capacity)       

  • Push-Up (muscular strength)

  • Height/Weight (body composition)

  • Curl-Up (muscular endurance)

  • Back-Saver Sit and Reach (flexibility)

  • Shoulder flex (flexibility)

  • mile run

A confidential report will be provided for each student to take home. This report will include your child’s scores and information on the FITNESSGRAM Health Fitness Zones. The healthy Fitness Zone represents the level of fitness needed for good health. The information on the report is private and will not be displayed or made public.

For more information regarding the FITNESSGRAM assessment, please refer to If you have other questions, please contact your child’s physical education teacher.