Greek Study Notes

Greek Unit Notes

 Geography of Greece

¾ Mountainous

Rocky Soil


Minoans                                    Mycenaean                       
Crete                                                            Traded with Minoans

Palaces                                                            Copied Minoan Culture/Customs

Dolphins-Peaceful Paintings                        Warlike

King-a (tale)                                    Invaded Crete

Sea Traders                                                Conquered by Dorian or other Sea Traders


Destroyed by Fire

Own Writing System

Destroyed by Fire/earthquake 1450


Agora-marketplace / Acropolis- Walled area with important buildings on a hill

Democracy- Rule by the people

Pericles-Ruler of Athens during the Golden Age/Made many improvements

Socrates-Taught with questions/killed for his beliefs


Homer-Blind Greek Poet who told tales the Iliad and Odyssey

Iliad is about the war between Greece and Troy (Turkey today?)

A Greek, Queen Helen was kidnapped by Troy.  She had a ‘face that launched 1000 ships” when the Greeks set out to get her back.  Greeks won the war with a trick (Trojan Horse)

Odyssey is about Odysseus and his 10-year journey home from the Trojan War.  He has many adventures such as fighting a Cyclopes and posiden the god of the sea.


Persian War

Cause: More land meant more power

Course: Several Battles (marathon-Geeks win, Thermopylae-Sparta lost, salamis-Greeks win)
Consequence: Because the Persians lost the war Greek culture lives on

Peloponnesian War

Cause: Sparta feared Athenian power and attacked to stop it

Course: lasted 27 years, plague hit Athens, Persia gave Sparta money

Consequence: Sparta wins war/ Democracy replaced with Oligarchy

Plato-Student of Socrates and opened a school called, ‘The Academy”

Aristotle-Student of Plato/ Science is learned through observation and proof