Honor Rolls

From the Pittsfield Public Schools Policy Handbook:

The recognition of academic excellence is to be encouraged. Therefore, the Superintendent is instructed to establish procedures for the identification and recognition of students whose achievement constitutes exemplary performance at the secondary level.

Middle School:

An Honor Roll has been established to recognize the Educational Achievements of students. It is determined on a quarterly basis.

Using the following scale, multiply the number of credits assigned to each corresponding grade by the appropriate value to determine the weighted value:

 Grade  Value
  A+ 10
A 9
A-  8
  B+ 7
B 6
B- 5
 C+ or lower 0

Credits are assigned to each course based on the length of time the student participates in the course (5 for year-long courses and 2.5 for semester courses). Divide the sum total of the calculated weighted value by the total number of credits assigned to the course to determine the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Conversion from numerical grades to letter grades is as follows:

 Numerical Grade Span Letter Grade
 97-100 A+
 94-96 A
 90-93 A-
 87-89 B+
 84-86 B
 80-83 B-
 77-79 C+
 74-76 C
 70-73 C-
 67-69 D+
 64-66 D
 60-63 D-
 59 and lower F
High Honors GPA: 8.5 to 10.0
Honors GPA: 7.0 to 8.49

High School:

At the high school level the grade point average is used - high honors - 92; honors – 88.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • All courses not labeled Pass/Fail shall affect the GPA except physical education
  • The add-on weight shall be used in calculating GPA (6 points for Advanced Placement courses, 5 points for Honors courses, 3 points for intensive courses, and 2 points for a grade of 88 or above in all other level courses)
  • The quarterly and cumulative GPA will be calculated at the end of each marking periodOnly courses taken in Pittsfield Public Schools shall be used to calculate the GPA
  • Repeated courses taken in summer school will be noted on the transcript but will not be used to calculate the GPA.
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