Mrs. Jaehnig's Class
Week of April 9
Monday:  MCAS-3rd period.  P4-7 Check-In and Dynasties of Power
Tuesday: MCAS-3rd period. Confucianism LARPing
Wednesday: Daoism LARPing
Thursday: P1: Holocaust Speaker- Legalism LARPing
Friday: Mum-Bet to Elizabeth Freeman Lesson 1

Week of April 2
Monday: Traditional India Test/China Map due Tuesday
Tuesday: Chapter 4/1 Outline due Wednesday
Wednesday: Chinese Numbers and Geography 
Thursday: Dynasties of Power (Shang, Zhou)
Friday: Berkshire Eagle Article: Trump $100 Billion Tariff on Chinese Products and the Dynasties of Power (Qin, Han)

Week of March 26
Monday:  "Are We Too Wired?" article due Tuesday
Tuesday: Too Wired Debate, Depth of Knowledge
Wednesday: Create your Own India Test-using DOK
Thursday: Create your Own India Test due Tuesday 4/3
See extra credit opportunity below...
Friday: No School

Week of March 19
Monday: High Cost of Fast Fashion Group Work-Packet due 
Tuesday: Buddhism continued
Wednesday: Whole School Lesson (p5)/
Cultural Achievements of India Ch 3/5
Thursday: Compare &Contrast of Hinduism/Buddhism
Friday: Review India/Indian Art

Extra Credit Opportunity toward a test or quiz grade:
Due Wednesday March 28th!
Create a menu for an authentic Indian restaurant you are opening.  Here are the details:You will need to research about typical Indian food. Create a menu for an authentic Indian restaurant you will be opening soon. You need to include at least 3 typical dishes, etc. for each category and a short description of what it is. For example, “Chicken Curry” (Dish containing chicken seasoned with yellow curry, bamboo shoots, peppers, onions, and snow peas on a bed of Jasmine rice). 

Menu categories:

  1. Drinks

  2. Appetizers

  3. Salads

  4. Main Dishes

  5. Desserts

Your menu needs to look like a restaurant menu...decorated and everything for the full points! 


Visit an Indian Restaurant and write at least 3 paragraphs about your visit. Include details about your
food, the atmosphere of the restaurant (ex: music, decorations, etc), and how you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy your experience.  

Textbooks have been issued...they should stay home until June!

Supply List for SS:

1 inch binder or a section of a binder
Colored pencils
Notebook paper