Ms. Stebbins' Class

NOTE: It is important that students do their own work.  Copying someone's work or letting them copy yours is considered cheating.  Putting your name on another person's work is also considered cheating.

Week of 9/11-9/15

Go Math!
New Topics: 1.1 - Estimating Irrational Numbers
                     1.2 - Set of Real Numbers
District Screening - FastBridge (Tuesday, 9/19)
Quiz (Friday - 9/15)Moved to Monday (9/18)
         * Converting decimals to fractions
         * Definition of a rational number
         * Finding/estimating square roots and cube roots

Algebra I
New Topics: Exponent Rules
District Screening - FastBridge (Tuesday, 9/19)
Quiz (Friday - 9/15)Period 6 moved to Monday (9/18)
         * Precision
         * Significant digits
         * Dimensional Analysis
Quiz (Friday - 9/22)
          Period 5 - Exponent Rules