Jan. 10
Due Monday - ChemistryFree Form Map Topics 1-4 Free Form Map Chem Unit Pearson.pdf   Due next week - online Pearson Interactivity Interactivity_ Model the Conservation of Mass.pdf

Dec. 17 
Students are working on the difference between a chemical and physical change in science. Students were expected to copy the following notes: Chemical Physical Change Notes - Student.pdf
It is expected that students make up work when they miss school. Ms. Sacchetti stays after school on most Tuesdays. Students need to make a request to stay.

Dec. 10
Grades close Friday for Progress Reports. Students should check Powerschool to be sure all of their work is in.
Past due:
Compounds_ Moleculur and Ionic .pdf
Gum Drops Elements, Compounds, Mixtures.pdf

Nov. 21
Any assignment done in class and not completed during that time must be completed outside of classroom time. Please check Powerschool to see if anything is missing.

Nov. 19
Students can make corrections to the online Astronomy Test. Students must indicate what # it is, write the actual question out, and then come up with the correct answer using their book/notes. All corrections must be in by this Friday, 11/22. Full credit given to all correct responses.

Nov. 18 Astronomy Test was today - some students will need to finish up tomorrow. Astronomy Free Form Map was due today. Tomorrow starts the Chemistry Unit.

Nov. 15 ASTRONOMY TEST Monday - See study list below (Free Form Map - due Monday)

Nov. 13
The Astronomy Unit will be coming to an end this week. The Astronomy Test is Monday, 11/18. To prepare for the test, students are expected to review the material and do a so-called Free Form Map. Here is the link to the test review topics for the review: Astronomy Free Form Map

-Please excuse the time lapse in keeping this web page updated-

Oct. 10 Moonrise = 5:24 pm   Moonset = 4:34 amStudents need to complete the conclusion for the Gravity Lab - due tomorrow. Gravity Lab Follow Up.pdf

Oct. 9 Moonrise = 4:57 pm   Moonset = 3:34 am Students should still be trying to make observations for their moon journal. Not many observations have been recorded due to weather conditions.  

Oct. 3 10/2 Moonrise = 12:26 pm   Moonset = 10:02 pm
Need to have at least 3 observations per week for the Moon Journal (See Oct.2 for details)

 Oct. 2 10/2 Moonrise = 11:18 am  Moonset = 9:20 pm
Students are asked to keep a Moon Journal and record the date, time, and drawing of the moon for one full lunar cycle/month. (Drawing should be a circle with the white part they observe showing left white in their drawing. The rest of the circle would be shaded in.) Students were given a moon calendar paper to record in. It is expected that three observations per week be recorded, weather permitting. See the top of this page each day for moonrise and set times.

Sept. 27
Due Monday - Summary of Constellation article Constellations Article.pdf

Sept. 23
Measurement Review was due today. Measurement.pdf  Measurement handout Questions.pdf â€‹Highlight answers to guided questions in the Measurement reading - some answers can be written next to the questions. (No need to write answers out in complete sentences.)

Sept. 19
Students will complete a measurement review tomorrow in class. Monday we move into Astronomy!

Sept. 17
Students have been working on taking observations, making a claim, using evidence for the claim, and giving the reason why the evidence backs up the claim. Due tomorrow - Inference Cube using Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Cube Evaluation Lab (CER).pdf

Sept. 10. 2019
Welcome to Grade 8 science - This page is where assignments will be posted with due dates.
Students have started the year by learning about the Scientific Method. So far they have made and written observations. The first assignment was to write a paragraph on what was observed during the Egg Demo using the following check list aligning to the scientific method to writing observations: Egg Observations Checklist.pdf