Sept. 19
Inference Cube Activity was due today - Tomorrow students need to hand in the Inference or Observations WS.
Cube Evaluation Lab.pdf

Sept. 18
Due tomorrow: Hurricanes Article       10 Worst US Hurricanes
1.“How Do Hurricanes Form?” article - Highlight or underline all important parts of the article that explains how a hurricane forms, including ocean temperature, air conditions, the role of pressure, and what happens to a hurricanes strength when it hits land. 2. Put all of that you underlined in a paragraph in your own words to explain the nature of a  hurricane. 3. 3. Explain what factors determine the “Category” of a hurricane 4. “From Katrina to Galveston: The worst hurricanes to hit the U.S.” article. List by name the number of lives lost and the cost of each of the ten hurricanes. Explain which hurricane was the worst in terms of lives lost and which one was the worst in terms of being the most expensive. 5. When did they start assigning names to hurricanes? 6. Give an update on Hurricane Florence.

Sept. 13
Students identified variables of a valid experiment in class today. They are expected to complete this assignment tonight by coming up with a hypothesis for each of the 5 scenarios given.

Sept. 12
No homework tonight.

Sept. 11
No homework tonight.

Sept. 10
Students need to write the "Egg Explanation" in complete sentences in paragraph form explaining how the egg got into the flask and how it got out. This is due tomorrow.

Sept. 7
No Homework this weekend :-)

Sept. 6
Students observed the "Egg Demo" today. For homework they need to write their observations in paragraph form in past tense, without using personal pronouns. This is due tomorrow.

Sept. 4 
Please be sure to turn in your signed papers (See below.)

Aug. 31
WELCOME! Please sign and return both the "Welcome to Grade 8 Science" and the "Safety Contract" by Tuesday, Sept. 4