Mrs. Jaehnig's Class
House of Names 
Look at this site for a LAST name that connects to you. 
Symbolism & Meaning 1 
Use this site to decode the Coat of Arms, or use this site to create a Coat of Arms.
Here is another site that will help in decoding or creating.

Demonstration of Drawing
3 minute video showing an example of the different parts of the Coat of Arms: interior, cap, banner and mantel.

Viking Quest

European Map quiz practice

Week of May 2-6
Mon: Castle building follow-up, Ch 13/2 Outline, Social Structure video
Tues: Finish 13/2 Outline, Finish Social Structure video, and Start homework. Due Wed.
Wed: Collect Homework. Coat of Arms
Thurs: Coat of Arms
Fri: Coat of Arms Due. Manorialism Reenactment 

Week of March 28-April 1st
Mon:  Last Day to turn in Extra Credit
          Review Ghandi
  Start Africa Unit with map
Tues:  Geography of Africa
Wed:  National Geographic Video 
Thurs: Finish video and review for quiz
Fri:  Quiz on Map and Geography
Q3 Grades Close today...I can't believe it!

Week of March 21-24th
No School Friday!

Monday:  Review
Tuesday:  India Test (part II of test is take-home: will be due Thursday)
Wednesday: Update and turn in Table of Contents
Thursday: Collect Part II of Test/  Ghandi
Friday: No School

Extra Credit Opportunity toward a test or quiz grade:
Due Monday March 28th!
Create a menu for an authentic Indian restaurant you are opening.  Here are the details:You will need to research about typical Indian food. Create a menu for an authentic Indian restaurant you will be opening soon. You need to include at least 3 typical dishes, etc. for each category and a short description of what it is. For example, “Chicken Curry” (Dish containing chicken seasoned with yellow curry, bamboo shoots, peppers, onions, and snow peas on a bed of Jasmine rice). 

Menu categories:

  1. Drinks

  2. Appetizers

  3. Salads

  4. Main Dishes

  5. Desserts

Your menu needs to look like a restaurant menu...decorated and everything for the full points! 


Visit an Indian Restaurant and write at least 3 paragraphs about your visit. Include details about your
food, the atmosphere of the restaurant (ex: music, decorations, etc), and how you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy your experience.  


Week of Feb 29- March 4th
Monday:  National Geographic cover Due Wed.
Update Notebook, adjust India maps, Finish Ch 3/1, Start Cover...
Create a cover for an issue of National Geographic
using words and visuals that highlights archeological discoveries made at Mohenjo-Daro.  (Use your worksheet from class!)

Cover needs to include:
-National Geographic Title
-Imaginative subtitle
-Visuals of 3 artifacts
-brief caption that explains what each artifact reveals about daily life in Mohenjo-Daro.

Tues:  Cover con't/ Hinduism
Wed:  Hinduism/ Buddhism
Thurs: Indian Cultural Contributions
Fri:  Quick Check-in/ Indian Art

Week of Feb 1-Feb 5th
China Project due Monday Feb 8th.
To celebrate the Chinese New Year on 2/8,
students can select from topics to create something.
Please Note: 
Must be a student made product...See Important Handouts on the left to open the list of projects and requirements. No in class time is given for this.
*****No store bought projects please.  *****

In class:
Monday: Confucianism
Tuesday: Daoism
Wednesday: Legalism  Homework due Friday!
 Parent/Guardian Signature Required for this assignment

Week of Jan 11-15
We are starting a new unit on China

Mon.  1/11  Updating table of contents, Map of China
   and Great Wall Math worksheet
           due Tuesday if not finished
Tues.  1/12  Chinese Numerals, Great Wall Math
    and History of Dynasties
Wed.  1/13  Dynasties
Thurs. 1/14  "Dynasties of Power"
Fri. 1/15      Quick Quiz on week info.

Week of Dec 7-11th  All Class Work this Week.
Mon. 12/7  Immigration Debate/ Start book Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario
   Response Journal Entry 1
Tues. 12/8 Enrique's Journey/ Response Journal Entry 2/ Watching 1/2 of a documentary
Wed. 12/9  Group work
Thurs. 12/10  Enrique's Journey- reading and adding 3 responses to the book
Fri. 12/11 Enrique's Journey and second 1/2 of documentary

Week of Nov 30-Dec 4th
Mon. 11/30- L America Civilization Recap
    Silk Road- Spices, Columbian Exchange
Tues. 12/1   5 Question Check-In
                   Columbian Exchange, TransAtlantic Slave Trade
Wed. 12/2  Presentation on food:  Homework Due Thursday! History of Slavery Time Line
Using p113, 157, 229 and 398 (locate slavery on each page and find a corresponding year for each.  Next, make a time line with the dates going chronologically and give a brief description with the date on the time line.  Don't forget to add the title:  History of Slavery)
Thurs. 12/3- Slavery Time Line due, TransAtlantic Slave Trade, Migration
Fri. 12/4- Migration/ Immigration -Junior Scholastic

Week of Nov 16-20th
Mon. 11/16  Map Practice & Pyramid Comparison
Tues. 11/17  Latin America Map Quiz & Mayan Civilization Lesson
Wed. 11/18  Maya and Mayan Hieroglyphic Art (Homework due Thursday: Reading on the Inca)
Thurs. 11/19   Inca  (Adjusted Due Date for reading, now due Friday..)
Fri. 11/20  Homework Due on Inca, Hieroglyphs due
Finishing Chart on Inca and Inca Art
Week of Nov 23 and 24th:
Mon.  Test- writing piece based on chart of civilization 
Tues.  Norman Rockwell's Four Freedom in Computer Lab
Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!!

Week of Nov 9-13th
(See Extra Credit Questions below Friday 11/13
Mon. 11/9- Comparison Chart in class
Tues 11/10- Latin American maps returned today.
                   Quiz on the whole map next Tuesday
Aztec Civilization
Wed. 11/11  No School
Thurs 11/12-  A little map practice, Aztec Continued
Fri.  11/13-  A little map practice, Mayan Civilization

Extra Credit toward Map Quiz!!!
For this one:  Email me an interesting cultural custom or place in Latin America.  In your email include a brief description with a weblink to a site or short video.  This is due by Tuesday.      (For example...In class we discussed the center of the world in Ecuador and the Panama Canal.  See what you can find!)    You can contact me through the CONTACT ME link on the left side...   or

Latin American Map
Social Studies Homework
Extra Credit for Monday's Test:
In our study of Islam we identified calligraphy of Arabic as the key for Muslims to unlock the Qur'an.  In the United States we as well have plenty of calligraphy in our older government documents.  The most famous one being the Constitution.

For extra credit do your best at replicating one of the two from the Constitution listed below, using your best calligraphy or cursive writing on paper (it doesn't have to be old looking paper but it can be...)

The Preamble   Preamble
The Five Freedoms in the First Amendment  First Amendment

Materials needed:
-paper (old or new looking)
-pen (calligraphy pen, thin tip sharpie, feather pen or a regular working pen!)

Email me if you have questions.  I look forward to seeing how you're able to write.

If needed check out these "how to" - links below
A quick calligraphy lesson  Calligraphy
A quick cursive lesson Cursive
Week of 11/2-11/6
Mon 11/2:  Test on Islam (Extra Credit Due)
Tues 11/3:  No School
Wed 11/4:   Notebook Update/ Clean out getting ready for Q2
  Last day to turn in Extra Credit
  Take survey on Veils Play
Thurs 11/5:  Beginning of Latin America Unit: Map Due Friday
Fri  11/6:  Map Due
               Aztec  (?)  We'll see if we get this far...

Week of 10/26-10/30
Mon. 10/26: Ch 11/2 Check In -Answering 10 questions using notes
                   Homework: Islamic Tile  (Due Tuesday)
Tues. 10/27: Islamic Tile due
                   Cultural Contributions of Islam
                   Homework:  Review Sheet due Wed.
Wed.  10/28:Message in Arabic
                    Ch 11/1 Review Homework Due
Thurs. 10/29:  Test on Islam (Ch 11)  Moved to Monday!
                    Ch 11/2 Homework Due
Fri. 10/30:      1/2 Day
                   Ch 11/3 Homework Due -Review

Week of 10/19-10/23
Mon.   10/19: Going over Junior Scholastic from Friday, "Inside Mecca" video
Tues:  10/20:  Finishing "Inside Mecca" video
 Homework: (Paragraph about video due Thursday)
The Islamic Community Divides (Ch11/2)     
Wed:  10/21:  The Islamic Community Divides
Thurs. 10/22:  Homework Due!  Barrington Stage Ed. Department Visit
Fri:     10/23:   Barrington Stage Ed. 

Week of 10/13- 10/16

Tuesday- 1. Finishing Pillar Paragraph
                 2. Keynote presentation on "Veils" Field Trip
                 3. Homework Assigned due Thursday:  
Abercrombie vs. Elauf
Wednesday- Field Trip to see "Veils"
Thursday-  Homework Due
                    "Inside Mecca" A look into the 5th pillar of Islam
Friday-  Continue with "Inside Mecca"

Week of 10/5- 10/9
***Please return Permission slips by Wednesday for field trip on 10/14
Monday: Starting new unit:  The Rise of Islam
Starting map - Finishing the map for homework: Due Tuesday
Tues:  Arabic Numbers and Starting Ch 11/1 Outline Notes/ finish for homework
Wed:  Quiz on Ch 11/1- use notes for quiz
Thurs:  5 Pillars of Islam
Fri:  Pillar Paragraph

Week  of 9/28- 10/2:
Monday:  Notes on Byzantine Empire con't.  Homework and Extra Credit Given
Tuesday:  Reasons for Decline/ Review  
Wednesday: In class Review
Homework Due Wed- 
Read Article
Circle 3 facts/ 3 opinions
Decide:  Should we still say the Pledge of Alligance?
also, Should we still include "Under God?"
support your decisions
Students should review notes and text for test on Thursday!!!!!
Thursday:  Test on Roman and Byzantine's Empires
            Extra Credit Opportunity: St. Basil's Cathedral Coloring Sheet
     (given out in class on Monday)

Friday:  1/2 day.. To Be Announced.

Textbooks have been issued...they should stay home until June!

Supply List for SS:

1 inch binder or a section of a binder
Colored pencils
Notebook paper