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06/02/2017 Create a Country Project is the major work being done in Social Studies. Students are working with a partner to create a fictional country using the map skills and knowledge they have learned over the year. This is an opportunity for students to be creative and unique. A rubric and instruction sheet were handed out for students to use as a guideline in their country creation. On Friday 6/9 students will begin to present to the class with a reading of their essay and map. It should be a fun time listening and seeing the students imagination.  Students have been given and will continue to be given time at the end of each class to practice with their Europe flashcards, to prepare for the 6/9 test.

05/26/2017  American Flags were placed around the outside school flag pole in memory of those lost lives during the many wars the United States military participated in. What a beautiful site to see!! Drive by the school and check it out!
Climate and vegetation were the topic of discussion and reading. To help understand the main ideas a guided reading worksheet was given and questions were completed as they read. A four page packet (of United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Italy) was distributed for students to label and color giving them a visual of country location, capitals and important rivers. Students have completed working on their flash cards for the Western European countries and Capitals. They will now use these at the end of class to study with a partner for their test on Friday 6/9. 
Friday 5/29 is a half day to begin the Memorial Day weekend.

05/19/2017  This week students will continue to learn about Europe, by locating the 21 western countries of Europe and their capitals. From here they will create individual country flash cards to practice with other students for a quiz in the future. Additional work sheets will be completed. A field trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge will take place on Thursday 5/19.

05/12/2017 Student were introduced to the continent of Europe with a worksheet completing the countries of Europe and the capitals of the western European countries. A discussion took place on the subject of polders, reclaimed land from the sea in The Netherlands. A video was presented to students for them to get a visual of exactly how and what the polders are and the important role they play in The Netherlands.

05/05/2017  Social Studies has concluded their adventure into Latin America with a partner class project creating a colorful map of South America to demonstrate their understanding of map features. The final MCAS  days for math will be  Wednesday 5/3 and Thursday 5/4. Students are looking forward to traveling across the pond to discover Europe. They will be provided with videos, readings and even a creation of a travel brochure on a country of their choice!

 One class assignment this week was a South American Mountain bar graph. Using an atlas and their skills on how to read a map, students located 5 mountains and elevation. With this data, they completed a blank map labeling 13 countries, and placed a colored symbol in the in the correct location. The second part of the project was to create a bar graph following specific directions and requirements to complete it. Classes also participated in a class Olweus lesson discussing cyber bullying. Students discussed and defined what cyber bullying is and ways it is used, described how it is harmful and identified strategies to deal with cyber bullying. It was a very interesting conversation that provided and encouraged everyone to give their opinion and comments.

04/13/2017 Go to College Day. Students attended Simon Rock College in Great Barrington to experience what a college campus looks like, dorm life, what courses are offered, types of degrees, what additional activities are available. Students listened and watched picture slides of two student
presentations on studying abroad in Italy, and how convenient it was to travel around Europe. They were shown a biology/lecture hall in which they were able to experience holding a turtle, snake and other reptiles. From their they visited a dorm to see how students lived, and what amenities were available , such as tv, a kitchen to prepare food, reading and game space. Students walked the campus under a brisk cloudy sky that later gave way to sunshine and the end of the campus tour. It was an exciting day!

04/07/13  ELA MCAS on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students worked on an assignment in which they learned how to read and design a bar graph. A review of Chapter 1 was given for upcoming test. Grades closed for the third quarter!

03/31/17 Finished up on the top down web notes for Natural Resources, reviewed how to  locate places by using a compass rose on a map, and determine the exact location of a place with latitude and longitude coordinates. Students used the computer to research information of a country in Latin America and the created a "wheel" with the information appearing in a window as the top paper was turned from each topic.

03/24/17 This week began with a short quiz on the climate zones of the world. The next section of the chapter Natural Resources was introduced and a top down web was completed to help students organize the natural resources of each region. Students also had a short assembly to learn about an upcoming field trip to Simon Rock College in Gt. Barrington.

03/17/07 Another snow day shortened the week to four days! Students viewed a short video on the climate zones and how each region in Latin America is affected by these zones. Classes used the white boards to review climate and vegetation. 

03/1017  Students were tested on the 27 countries of Latin America with a blank map on which they were required to label each country in the correct location. At the beginning of the week climate and vegetation of Latin America was introduced with reading of the section and completing a guided reading paper.
02/17/17  This week students designed a puzzle map of the 3 regions of Latin America by creating a key with symbols and colors for each the physical features, drawing puzzle piece shapes on the back and cutting it out. Once completed they exchanged the puzzle with classmates to see if it could be put together. 

02/10/17 A short week with 2 snow days and 1/2 day. Classes completed a quiz on  Chapter 1 Sec 1.

02/03/17 Students completed 2 column notes on Chapter 1 Sec 1 Physical Features of Latin America, colored and labeled 27 countries on the"Big Map". This map will be used for a game to help students learn were the countries are located and also have fun competing with each class period to see how quickly the can complete the game using the directional clues given. 

01/20/17 Students turned in their Table of Contents, were introduced to the the three regions of Latin America, completed a guided reading assignment for the physical geography of Latin America, discussed what physical features are (landforms made from nature), created a foldable for their key terms in which they wrote the key term, definition and drew a picture of the word to show they understood the meaning. A video of the Panama Canal was shown.

01/13/17 This week students took time to organize their Table of Contents, completing missing work and creating a cover for their class assignments.
Students were placed in groups of 4 to work together to answer questions from their textbook. This was an exercise to introduce the Latin America textbook we will be using over the quarter. Martin Luther King day will be celebrated on Monday 1/16 and in honor of this gentleman a reading was presented along with a discussion on the struggles, accomplishments and importance of Martin Luther King.

Students are preparing for Baseball to arrive by working on a class project, finding the latitude and longitude of 10 MLB stadiums. Along with finding the exact location in degrees, they will discover the name of the team that plays in the stadium,  the city name and state. Once this part of the project is completed, students will create a map key with a symbol for each stadium that they will place on a US map showing the exact location of each team. This will be a completion of the map skills students have acquired since the start of school. Our adventures in Geography will then turn to the continent of South America to discover the 13 countries, the climate, vegetation and history of each. 

12/22/16 December class days will be filled with learning about Time Zones in the United State and across the world, practice locating places using latitude and longitude, researching Berkshire County towns on the computer, labeling a Berkshire County map, investigating the Berkshire County visitor map with discussion and a scavenger hunt of questions and globe work. Students will be given a class project choosing 10 MLB teams, and will be asked to find the city, state and latitude and longitude of the MLB stadium and then code it on a map.  A welcomed break will be had by all when all this work is completed!! 

11/30/16  November passed very quickly with the Presidential election, Veterans Day Thanksgiving break and a snow day that canceled school!! During the month students had a discussion on why Veterans Day is celebrated, wrote Thank You notes to veterans which were given to Mr. James Clark Director of Veterans Affairs to disburse to local veterans and in honor of this day, flags (generously donate by Mr. Clark) were placed around the outside Herberg Middle School flag pole.  A beautiful sight to see especially when the wind blew!! The 1st quarter ended with a test on the Chapter of Geography and a creation of a neighborhood map. Working on the computers, students accessed google maps to located their street and surrounding streets. Requirements for the neighborhood map consisted of 5 streets, 3 or more landmarks, a map key with symbols for each of the landmarks, a compass rose and title. This assignment was a conclusion for our map section of geography.

10/28/16  Students took a quiz  this week to finish the Chapter 1 Section 1 on 5 Themes of Geography.  An introduction to Globes, Maps, advantages and disadvantages began with students bringing  in any map of their choosing and sharing with the class. A video was shown on How to Read a Map to begin familiarizing the students with each of the parts of a map. The next few weeks will concentrate on maps of all types and learning how to differentiate the information presented . Grades close on Friday 11/4 for the end of the first quarter!! Students are urged to make sure they are up to date with all work from the quarter.

10/14/16  Congratulations on the terrific results of the  7 Continent and 4 Ocean quiz!!! The 5 Themes of Geography have been introduced over the last 2 weeks. Students have  read together as a class and then worked with a partner rereading and completing a Guided Reading question assessment. A class meeting was held to view a video to explain the difference between conflict and bullying situations. Students held a discussion after viewing the short video to share their thought on bullying. A project on The 5 Themes of Geography has begun in class. Students will create a poster displaying a picture for each theme, along with a short written response explaining how each it represents the theme. 

ocial Studies classes began the week exploring their Geography textbook. We examined and discussed each part of the textbook in detail: titles, Before and after you read, Table of Content, Index, Glossary, Atlas and the difference between Chapter and Section. Understanding how the book is organized will assist them in applying key skills to use the textbook. 
Students took textbook notes, worked in partners  investigating the book by finding answers to 18 questions.  A follow up game in groups using buzzers to answer questions allowed students to explore the book. 
Friday,  class meetings were held to introduce and create meeting rules for each class period to be used when holding discussions on the Olweus Bullying program.