Homework Assignments
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 Social Studies Homework
   All homework assignments are worksheets as textbooks are not taken home and are  not available on line. Students absent from class are responsible to complete missed assignments upon  their return to school. Papers are located in the orange Absent Assignment File.

11/30/17    Test Thursday 12/7/17
 Instruction given on study papers for Latitude and Longitude and Time                         Zone information reviewed in class

11/29/17    The Long Lines. Where is the Prime Meridian.
Class time given to start assignment. Anyone not finishing in class was
                    instructed to take it home to complete.  Due Thur 11/30

11/27/17    Lines of Latitude / Imaginary Lines 
                  Due Tuesday 11/28/17
11/5/17    Never Eat Soggy Waffles and Understanding Latitude and Longitude
                Due Thur 11/16

10/04/17   Unscramble the Continent names worksheet.
                  Due Thurs 10/05/17

09/25/17    Write the 7 continents and 4 oceans 5x each.
                   Paper setup to be completed in class for the continents and oceans.
                   To be placed in homework  folder and written in planner

09/22/17    Quiz: Friday 9/29 Label the 7 continents and 4 oceans. 
 Students can
                   use the continent/ocean flash cards made in class to study.

09/21/17    Label the Continents and word search.  Due Friday 9/22 

09/14/17   Quiz Thur 9/21  8 Geography Textbook Terms with definitions.
                  Students created memory cards with definitions and terms to assist in their                   studying. Students will be given class time to study and reminded to
                  study at home.

08/31/17  Classroom Expectation Letter. Return signed Tuesday 09/05/17