Homework Assignments
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 Social Studies Homework

05/31/17   Scandinavia worksheet, complete Due: 6/1/17

05/24/17  Test Friday 6/9 on the 21 European Countries and 6 bodies of water. Students can use the worksheet completed in class from their Table of Contents and/or flash cards created in class

05/15/2017 Landforms find it! Quiz. Due Tues 5/16/17
Using the description/meaning and the first letter given write the word.
  Chapter Test: Physical Features, 27 Countries, Climate & Vegetation, Natural Resources - Students can use the DO Now review questions, 2 column notes, Big Map, and other papers in Table of Contents (line # 1,2,3,4,6,7,14,15,16,18,20,22) to study.

03/06/17  Country Wheel Project complete and return 4/7/17

02/28/17 Latin America Physical Geography 
Read, complete questions. Due 3/1/17

02/14/17 Latitude and Longitude Locations in South America 
Read, answer questions Due 2/15/17

02/08/17 2 South America Worksheets

Read and answer questions, Think Now - answers can go on back Due: Fri 2/10/17

Change of Date for Physical Feature Test. Will now be
Test Tues 2/28 Physical Features of Latin America
not Thur 2/16
Test will be labeling the Physical Features/landforms on a map. Students can use the color coded map created in class to study. Blank maps were handed out to help as a practice map.

01/30/17  Getting Acquainted with South America
Two page worksheet, answer questions from reading and attached map. Due: Tues 1/31/17

12/01/16  Map Across the Country due Fri 12/2
 Read, review the map and answer the questions.

11/30/16 Finish Neighborhood map (if not completed in class today) due Thur 12/1

11/16/17 Thur 11/17 Using Latitude and Longitude worksheet. Organize Table of Contents for turn in on Tuesday 11/23.

11/14/16  Mon 11/21 Test on Geography Chapter 1
 Students can take their class folders home and use these line #'s to use for studying.    # 7, 8, 10, 11,  12, 13,  and Key Term cards in blue envelope.
Due Wed 11/16   What is Latitude?, What is Longitude? worksheets.      

10/28/16  Missing Assignment papers have been given out to students who are missing Social Studies work. Students must complete these assignments and hand in before the closing of grades on Fri 11/4 inorder to avoid a zero.

10/13/16   Study for a quiz on Wednesday 10/16,  Study guide handed out for 5 Themes of Geography

10/12/16 Bring in a map for Monday 10/24. Any kind of map is acceptable. World map, museum, library, subway, train or bus routes, city, state, road, mall, amusement are just some suggestions. Use the Internet and print out if needed.

09/28/16  On Friday  10/7 Quiz on the 7 Continents and 4 Oceans. Students have created flash cards to help identify each Continent and Ocean. Students will us in class and at home to study.

09/14/16  Complete the worksheet Label the Continents
and Word Search. Due on Thursday 09/15/16