Create Your Country Project

 2015-2016 School Year    Create A  Country Project

Your assignment is to  create an imaginary country of your own, using the map skills and  concrete map knowledge that you have learned in class.

The assignment is due on June 2nd, is a project, graded as a test, and to be completed in class. After school time is available to work on the assignment along with extended homeroom. This assignment will not be accepted after June 3rd.
Project requirements:

1. Name the country, label it on the map, include the name in your essay.

2. Draw the outline of your country on paper provided. (draw a rough draft first)

3. Demonstrate your knowledge by creating a legend/key,  place it on the map in the bottom right hand corner. Include all symbols and names of the 4 physical features, cities and capital city.     

4. Draw and label 4 coordinate lines of latitude and longitude (think about the 4

    Hemispheres when drawing the coordinates)

5. Draw a compass rose with the cardinal and intermediate directions. Use initials.

6. On the map show the capital city and 3 cities using the symbol from the key.

7. Create a box, list the city names and latitude/longitude coordinates.

8.  Draw and use a symbol from the key for 4 distinct and different geographical features (landforms) on the map.

9. On your map in the bottom left hand corner, draw and color a country flag of your own creation.

10. Write an essay with details (minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph..5) describing the your country, identify their race, explain and name: the language, religion, type of government (how is it ruled), climate region, cultural traditions, clothing, holidays, food, sports.

Describe your flag colors and/or symbols, explain what they represent.
Your essay can be  typed or written in black or blue pen.  

 Each detail must be included and EXPLAINED in your essay to receive credit.

11. You will present your country project map to the class.    


Presentation to the class is required and will count towards your grade.

To assist you in creating your map here is a list of materials you can use:

1. Atlas / map…..for correct coding of Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, Compass Rose and key/legend.

2. Art supplies - colored paper, pens, colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue stick, scissors.

3. Paper- Mrs. Quirk

Use the instruction sheet  as a guide to ensure you have included all the required details. Comprise your information on the white worksheet before drawing the sloppy copy and writing your essay.

Be creative in your design and essay!  

                    Have fun!!