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March 15-  finish the study guide that was started in class, test on Latin america Monday 3/20, folder due on Wed. 3/22  Study Guide

Feb, 27-  Test this Friday on Latin america countries Spelling counts. Use your mega map to study, use this to study

Jan 19- Because of the meeting the 6th grade had yesterday, 5th period with be having their quiz on Monday.

Jan 17-  Study guide due tomorrow and then we are using that to study for quiz that is on Friday Study Guide

Nov. 16-  
Students have a neighborhood map that we have been working on for the last three days.  If they didn't finish during class today they had to finish for HW.  The criteria for the map is: Title ,  5 streets with names,  3 landmarks named, map key with 5 symbols and compass rose . 

 Student have test on Monday and Folders are due on Tuesday.  All materials that students need for their folders is in the Google Drive Folder in the left column of the website.

Nov 15 - Students have a test on Chapter 1 Geography Section 1 and 2 on Monday, Nov. 21.  There folders will also be due on that day.  Study guide can be found here

Nov. 1-  Students are to bring any type of map in by Wednesday, Nov 9.  They are welcome to email me a picture or share it with me by Tuesday evening.

Sept. 29-  Find a picture and explain what theme of Geography it is.  At least 2 sentences.  Click for an example      This is due Tuesday.  Students can draw a picture, cut out a picture, print a picture, get a picture from a magazine, newspaper.  Any picture!!!!

Sept 14- Students finished their mnemonic device in class, no homework unless students didn't finish last nights.  Period 3 was given the worksheet to do tonight.

Sept. 13- Students finished fill in notes to go along with the 5 Themes of Geography, then homework was given out WS- Label the Continents (2 sided) (I forgot to give it to 3rd period so they will have it tomorrow for homework)  Started mnemonic device to remembering the 5 themes of geography.

Sept. 12- Students were introduced to the 5 Themes of Geography by watching the "The Five Themes of Geography" Powerpoint and then filled in fill in notes. (All are in the Google Drive Folder)

Sept. 8- Students set up do-now folders and went over the process of doing the do-now within the first 10-15 minutes of class.  Each step was done together and will be done together the next few days.  The welcome letters needs to be signed and brought back by tomorrow.

Sept. 7-  Students had their pictures taken during their Social Studies classes.  Some classes set up 2 pocket folders.

September 6- Continued to go over rules. procedures. and grading.  Passed out the welcome letter that should go home and get sign and brought back for Friday Sept 9.
Also tomorrow is picture day, pictures are scheduled during SS classes and 2 two pocket folders are also due tomorrow.


In 6th grade, students address standards that emphasize physical and political geography using the five themes of Geography- Movement, Region, Human Environment Interaction, Location, and Place.  Continents that will be explored are, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.


Map skills are continued through out the year starting with parts of a map, latitude and longitude, learning about different types of maps, to constructing their own maps.


Many of the ELA standards are used  throughout Social Studies


·          Analyzing, evaluating, and differentiating between primary and secondary sources.


·          Gaining knowledge from challenging texts that often make extensive use of elaborate diagrams and data to convey information and illustrate concepts.


·          Reading complex informational texts independently and confidently.