Mrs. Manns' Math Classes


Grade 8 Core Math Homework 6/15/18
No Homework

Grade 7 Core Math Homework 06/15/18
No Homework

Grade 6 Core Math Homework 06/15/18
No Homework

Class and School News - The Week Of 06/11 - 06/15/18

Grade 8 -  Review of Integer Rules - All Operations

Grade 7 - Statistics - Mean Absolute Deviation

Grade 6 - Equivalent Ratios in Tables and Graphs

All students in all grades will be taking both a benchmark in FastBridge and Go Math in the next two weeks of school.  This is a district mandated assessment scheduled for Spring in all grades and all schools.  

June 19th, June 20th and June 21 are all half days for students.  

Move Up Day for Grade 8 is Tuesday, June 19th