Mrs. Manns' Math 180 Classes

Please ask your students for the letter that outlines Math 180 grading policy as set forth by the district.  This document was handed out 10/18/18.  Click on the link to view the document:  Math 180 Grading Policies

Math 180 Curriculum for the week 03/11 through 03/15/19 

Periods 1, 3 and 6 
Course 1 students are continuing their work in Block 6, and making corrections on mSkills Block 5.    Topics in Block 6 will include Unit Fraction Multiplication, Strategies for Multiplying Fractions and Strategies for Dividing Fractions.      

Periods 1 and 4
Course II students continue their work in Block 3 in Math 180.  Block 3 topics include Representing Ratios, Applications of Ratio Understanding and Percent as a Number.    

Periods 4 and 7
Course I students continue their work in Block 3 topics include Equal Groups in Division, Strategies for Division, and Partial Quotient Strategy.  

Wednesday is Pi Day!!

Tuesday, March 26 is Herberg Curriculum Night.  Please click on the two links below to see both the information flyer and the night's agenda.
Curriculum Night Flyer
Curriculum Night Agenda