Mrs. Manns' Math 180 Classes

Please ask your students for the letter that outlines Math 180 grading policy as set forth by the district.  This document was handed out 10/18/18.  Click on the link to view the document:  Math 180 Grading Policies

Math 180 Curriculum for the week 11/19 through 11/20/18

Wednesday-Friday, November 21-23 is the Thanksgiving Holiday break

Periods 1, 3 and 6 
Course I Block 4 students are completing Topic 3 Fractions Division and the Performance Task. mSkills preparation will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 20.   mSkills assessment has been pushed to after Thanksgiving break for all three periods.  

Periods 1 and 4
Course II students have begun Block 2.  Rates and Ratios are explored in this Block and Topics include Comparing Quantities, Ratio Concepts, and Equivalent Ratios.

Periods 4 and 7
Course I Block 1 students in period 4 have completed the Block and taken the mSkills assessment.  Period 4 has begun Block 2 on The Distributive Property.   Period 7 students will be taking the mSkills assessment after Thanksgiving break after mSkills preparation.