June 4
Please be sure to check Powerschool to make sure all of your work has been handed in. Labs and activities continue in science on Genetics.

May 29
We are ending the year with Genetics. Students are learning about DNA and will soon be looking at how traits are passed down. Today the Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab was due. DNA Isolation Strawberries Ques.pdf

 May 21
Cell Unit TEST has been postponed until tomorrow. Big Book Page is due tomorrow - See Rubric posted May 17.

 May 17
Photosynthesis Guided Reading Questions due tomorrow:
Photosynthesis.pdf             Photosynthesis Questions.pdf

CELL UNIT TEST IS MONDAY - Big Book Study Page is due Monday. Topics 1-7 should be completed by tomorrow -  Cell Unit Big Book Page.pdf

 May 16
Egg Lab Lab Report due tomorrow (See rubric posted on May 10)

 May 11
Egg Lab through each of the 5 paragraphs for each of the 5 solutions due by Monday. See rubric attached below. (See Outline)

 May 10
Egg Lab Conclusion through first 3 solutions due for tomorrow.
Egg Lab Conclusion Report.pdf

 May 8
Due Thursday - Cell Cycle Cards along with the Cell Division WS.
Cell Cycle Using Index Cards.pdf

Please check Powerschool to get owed work in. Grades close for progress reports this  Friday.

 May 1
Homework for tonight - Students should finish getting two column notes of the terms on pages 49-53 including the following: 2 stages of respiration, fermentation including alcoholic and lactic acid. Do the Section Assessment on page 53 excluding 1c and 1d.
Egg Lab continues tomorrow.

 April 30
Egg Lab demonstrating Diffusion continues in class. Students need to complete the key terms from pages 32-37 and the Section Assessment on page 37, as well as the "Cell in its Environment" worksheet given out in class today. Terms and Section Assessment were worked on in class last week.

 April 26
No homework tonight.

 April 25
Cell Foldable was due today. Late points will be deducted for turning the project in after the due date, unless it was cleared by Ms. Sacchetti. We have now begun Quarter 4.

 April 24
Students need to bring an uncooked egg to school tomorrow. Egg Lab starts tomorrow.
Due Wednesday - Cell Foldable Please refer to the rubric: Cell Foldable.pdf
(Cell Foldable was worked on several days in class.)

 April 23
Students need to bring an uncooked egg to school tomorrow for a lab
Due Wednesday - Cell Foldable Please refer to the rubric: Cell Foldable.pdf
(Cell Foldable was worked on several days in class.)

 April 11
There has not been any homework this week. Students worked on the Virtual Microscope Activity (linked from the homepage) in class. If they did not complete this assignment, they are asked to make time to complete this on their own. It should be done by Friday.
Students are working on a Cell Foldable in class, which covers all of the cell parts.

 April 4 Students are working on looking at live single-celled organisms/protozoa under the microscopes in class.

(More to come on a small cell project - The Cell Foldable)

 April 3
Students need to complete, "Discovering Cells" worksheet given to them in class today.

April 2
Students received the Cells and Heredity book today. For tonight's homework they need to read pages 6-13 and then do the Section assessment on page 13.

March 20
Students should have handed in the Surface Tension Lab. Due today was the melting point/boiling point paper Melting Point Boiling Point.pdf
Big Book Page/Free Form Map for the Matter Unit should be completed up through topic #15 by tomorrow. Test will be Thurs. (possibly Friday.) See Unit Notes linked March 16 and Big Book Page topics linked on March 15.

March 16
TEST next Wed. - Matter Unit
Notes from the Matter Unit:
Properties of Matter.pdf
Matter Notes 1 Student Copy.pdf
Matter Notes II student copy.pdf
Free Form Map/Big Book Page Topics 1-12 due by Monday - See list linked on March 15

March 15 
Test will be coming up soon. Students need to study by completing the so called, "Big Book Page" for the Matter Unit It is expected to do a segment of topics each day. They also have been given time in class for this. Tomorrow they should have up to topic 10 completed: Free Form Map Prop of Matter Unit.pdf
The Surface Tension Lab is also due or needs to be made up:
Surface Tension Water Activity.pdf

March 5
Students completed another chemical reaction lab today. Today's lab and the lab on 3/1 will be due tomorrow and graded as one. B Soda and Vinegar Lab.pdf
There will be a QUIZ tomorrow covering the following:
- Chemical vs Physical Changes
- Compound vs Mixtures (as well as the difference between homogenous and heterogenous)
- Synthesis and Decomposition reactions
- Identifying reactants and products of a chemical reaction
- Identifying and explaining why a reaction would be endo/exothermic
- Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy
Much of this information can be reviewed in the Matter 1 and Matter ll Notes linked below.

March 1
Students completed a lab today demonstrating the Law of Conservation of mass. They must complete the conclusion questions, which are due tomorrow. Part 2 of this lab will be completed on Monday. 
Conservation of Mass.pdf

Feb. 28
Students should have completed and turned in their Slime and Baking Soda Labs. They are now moving on with reactions and energy and should have completed copying the notes from the board today. These notes will need to be referenced for the next several upcoming labs.
Matter Notes II student copy.pdf

Feb. 27
Students have completed two different chemical reactions (labs) in class yesterday and today. The labs are due tomorrow. Students should be referencing the Matter Notes below to answer the questions completely.
Synthesis Decomposition Lab.pdf
Matter Notes 1 Student Copy.pdf

Feb. 14
Chemical vs Physical Change Quiz tomorrow.

Feb. 13 
The Density Lab was due today. See link below to Lab Conclusion Questions. Late points are take off of any late labs (and projects), unless a student has been out sick. Please be mindful of due dates and asking for help when needed. 
Students are now moving forward to distinguish between a chemical and a physical change. Tomorrow or Thursday there may be a quick quiz relating to these changes. See notes below:
Matter Notes 1 Student Copy.pdf

Feb. 9
Students have completed the Density Lab on class - there are some that will have some time Monday to finish up. They need to complete the Conclusion Questions. The lab will be due Tuesday. Density Lab Conclusion Questions.pdf (Students will need the Common Density listed posted below to answer the conclusion questions.)

Feb. 2
Due today was "Compounds: Molecular and Ionic" Compounds Molecular and Ionic.pdf
Due Monday is the Density Pre-Lab Density Pre Lab.pdf  Density Pre Lab Ques PDF.pdf
Due Monday Density Math Density math.pdf  COMMON DENSITIES .pdf

Jan. 24
Metal/Non metal lab due tomorrow - Observations and answers to conclusion questions.
Metal or Nonmetal lab.pdf (Conclusion questions on last page.)

Jan. 22
TEST tomorrow on the Chemistry Unit
Chem Test Study List.pdf
Periodic Table How it Works KEY.pdf

Jan. 21
Students will be doing the Metal/Non Metal Lab tomorrow. Before they can participate in the lab, they must complete the pre-lab, which was mostly done in class Friday.
Pre-Lab- write the definitions for the following terms:
88-95 in Chemical Building Blocks - physical properties of metals, malleable, ductile, conductivity, reactivity, corrosion, alloy
98-105 - properties of non-metal, metalloids, and semiconductor  
(Students that did not complete this on Friday signed out a book that must be returned tomorrow.)
TEST is Wednesday Chem Test Study List.pdf

Jan. 9
Element Project is due Thursday. Please refer to rubrics posted under the Element Project link from the homepage.

Jan. 2 
Element Project model and brochure due Monday, Jan. 8. Please see Element Project page for details!

Dec. 21
Students have been working on the Element Project. The complete directions are linked from the main page. The brochure portion is due tomorrow. The model portion will begin when we return from our break.

Dec. 11
Students were sent home with a worksheet titled, "Introduction to Atoms," which is a review sheet for a quiz tomorrow. (e- shell diagrams will not be expected on the quiz.)

Nov. 28
Please turn in any work that is owed.

Nov. 27 
Please check Powerschool frequently to make sure all assignments have been turned in. Students are currently researching information on hurricanes. Later in the week they will be stating the Chemistry Unit.

Nov. 9
Astronomy Test is Monday, 11/13. In order to prepare, students have been working on a Free Form Map (Big Book Page.) This is due Monday and is important to complete by then. The point of doing the Big Book Page is as a study method to help prepare for the test. ASTRONOMY BIG BOOK PAGE.pdf

Oct. 31
Students need to complete the 3 Solar System Conclusion Questions.

Oct. 25
If a student received a low score on the Astronomy Quiz, they can come to Mrs. Sacchetti's room tomorrow during extended homeroom to re-take the quiz. If you cannot come during this time, please make arrangements with Mrs. Sacchetti to retake the quiz at a different time. 

Oct. 24
Please check Powerschool to make sure all assignments are in. Grades close next week for report cards.
(Students are working on a group Solar System project in class.)

Oct. 18
Moon Journal due tomorrow.

Oct. 17
Quiz was postponed until tomorrow - 10/18. (See below for what will be covered.) Last day for Moon Journal entry would most likely first thing tomorrow morning before the Sun comes up. (Will rise at 5:43 tomorrow morning. Look east!)
Moonrise = 4:39 am
Moonset = 5:26 pm 

Oct. 16
QUIZ tomorrow - rotation vs revolution, seasons, moon phases, tides, eclipses
Moonrise = 3:34 am
Moonset = 4:56 pm 
Moon Journal is due Thursday (Can opt to keep going up until the next full moon if you were unable to get many entries.)

Moonset = 3:04 pm (10/13)

Moonrise = 1:21 am (10/14) 

Oct. 12
Students needs to complete the Sun-Earth-Moon Worksheet (questions focused on tides) as well as definitions for spring and neap tides. Students can access the the McGraw Hill book if needed through their Clever account.
Moonrise = 12:16 am (10/13)
Moonset = 3:04 pm (10/13)

Oct. 10
Moonrise = 10:07 pm
Moonset = 1:11 pm (10/11)

Oct. 6
Don't forget . . . You need at least 3 entries per week for your Moon Journal. We are now in the waning phases of the lunar cycle as we passed the full moon phase on Thursday, 10/5.

Oct. 5
Students need to complete their Moon Phase illustrations and the assessment that was originally given before our Moon Phases Lab. The final answers should be in colored pen or pencil. If the original answer should stay the same, they must put a colored check mark for that answer. 

Oct. 4
Students are learning about why we have moon phases in class. There is no homework tonight.
Moonrise = 6:16 pm
Moonset = 6:29 am (10/5)

Oct. 3
Students are wrapping up lessons on Seasons - Reasons for Seasons, Seasons Statements, and terms from book (done in class only) due tomorrow. 
Moonrise = 5:35 pm
Moonset = 5:12 am (10/4)

Oct. 2 
Students did a lesson in class today on why we have seasons. Tonight they must complete follow up questions SeasonsFollowUpQuestions.pdf
Moonrise = 5:11 pm
Moonset = 4:16 am (10/3)

Sept. 29 
Moonrise = 3:08 pm
Moonset = 1:05
Remember, you need a minimum of 3 entries per week (Monday to Monday)

Sept 26
Students should be keeping a moon journal. It is expected that at least 3 entries per week. 
Moonrise and set times will be posted here daily. 
9/26 -  Moonrise - 12:52 pm  Moonset - 10:47 am

Sept. 25
Students had a lab returned to them today - The Inference Cube. Students can make corrections on most labs (including this one) for full credit. Corrections must be done on a separate piece of paper and returned by the next class period. Corrections will not be accepted after that time. 
Students should start keeping a moon journal. It is expected that at least 3 entries per week. Students were given a booklet and the directions on what needs to be done.
Moonrise and set times will be posted here daily.
9/25 Moonrise - 11:57 pm  Moonset - 10:07 am
Moon Journal Directions.pdf

Sept. 22 
Final copy of "Skittle Lab" is due Monday. Please use the rubric (linked on Sept. 21)

Sept. 21
Students are expected to have the final copy of their Skittle Lab lab reprot completed for tomorrow. Many students started (and may have finished) their reports in class today using a Google Doc. Please follow the rubric. Skittle Lab Rubric

Sept. 20
Students need to complete their rough draft of the Conclusion for the Skittle Lab. The following is an outline to follow for the conclusion:
 1. Write the lab question
 2. Answer the question backed up by data
 3. Evaluate most dominant to least for the class avg and compare/contrast this to your bag
 4. Evaluate original hypothesis - supported or not?

Sept. 19
Students must complete the double bar graph started in class, except for period 6. Students are graphing their bag of Skittles compared to the class average using a double bar graph.

Sept. 15, 2017
Students need to complete the Inference Cube Lab conclusion, if they did not complete it in class. Due Monday.
Cube Evaluation Lab.pdf

Sept. 14, 2017
Students were instructed on the difference between direct observations and inference. They must complete a worksheet deciding if the scenarios are examples of observation or inference. 

Sept. 13, 2017
No homework tonight.

Sept. 12, 2017
No homework for tonight . . . Students will have a short quiz tomorrow on the components of a valid experiment. Components of an Experiment notes.pdf

Sept. 11, 2017
Students are working on the different components of an experiment in class to understand what goes into a valid experiment that gets valid results. This work will be done entirely in class. There is no homework tonight. 

Sept. 7 & 8 - No homework

Sept. 6, 2017
Today students observed a demonstration (on air pressure) and took notes as they made observations. They must write their observations in complete sentences and follow the scientific method for writing observations. (No personal pronouns, past tense, don't come to any conclusions - just state what was observed.) Students were given the attached handout as a guide, focusing only on observations.
Sci Meth- Lab Report.pdf

Sept. 5, 2017
Students should have returned the Safety Contract and Welcome to Grade 8 Science papers signed by them and a parent/guardian. No student can participate in a lab until the Safety Contract is signed.
Due Tomorrow - Short paragraph explaining why sound changed for the, "Buzzer Demo." Please use complete sentences.

Sept. 2, 2017
This page will be used daily to post what is due for assignments. Often times the assignment itself will be linked directly.
The first "assignment" is to for students to sign the Science Safety Contract and the handout titled, "Welcome to Grade 8 Science." These both also need to be signed by the parent/guardian. Both of these are due Tuesday, Sept. 5 and will be counted as a homework assignment. (These documents are linked on the page of the website titled, "Supplies and Expectations Ms. Sacchetti's Class.")
Ms. Sacchetti checks her email often and will respond promptly if you have any questions or concerns - nsacchetti@pittsfield.net