Jan. 16
Due tomorrow - Compounds: Molecular and Ionic - Table to be completed and 6 follow up questions  Compounds Molecular and Ionic .pdf

Jan. 14
Please be sure to get owed work in. Check Powerschool to see what you are missing and make a plan to get the work done. If you need help, please go see Ms. Sacchetti.

Jan. 7
ELEMENT BROCHURE DUE TOMORROW - MODEL DUE WEDNESDAY. Students can come for help tomorrow during extended homeroom, as well as after school tomorrow.

Jan. 3
Model building starts tomorrow. Element Project due date is Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Jan. 2
Element Project is underway. Please have supplies in for the model tomorrow.
Rubrics for project are linked from the Element Project Page.

Dec. 19
Element Project begins tomorrow in class. Please see "Element Project" page from the homepage for more details.

Dec. 17
Due Tomorrow - "Atoms in the Periodic Table" and "Organizing the Elements" 

Dec. 12
Due Tomorrow - Inside an Atom WS (Also need to complete online assignment: "Interactivity: Valence Electrons")

Dec. 11
​Grades for Progress reports close Friday - please get owed work in by then :-)
Due tomorrow - Periodic Table Groups and Periods.pdf

Dec. 6
QUIZ tomorrow on e- shell diagrams.
Due tomorrow: Periodic Table Fill in Tables and Bohr diagrams.pdf

Dec. 5
Students need to complete 10 electron shell diagrams (Bohr models) for homework tonight. Electron Shell Rules.pdf

Dec. 4
Please check Powerschool to see if all work is in - Progress Report grades close soon.

Dec. 3
QUIZ tomorrow on the following: Parts of the atom, charges for parts of the atom, how to find atomic mass, atomic number (p+),  number of p+, n. and e- by using the Periodic Table, isotopes, scientists that contributed to atomic theory, difference between weight and mass. Info. can be found in students notes and online activities completed so far for the Chemistry Unit. Chemistry Notes

Nov. 28 
Due Tomorrow - Periodic Table Fill in Table 1.pdf

Nov. 26
Due tomorrow - Summary of Super Nova article and "Elements from Stardust" questions.
Test corrections will be tomorrow during class.

Nov. 16
The Big Book Page due Monday (See list posted on Nov. 9.)
Astronomy TEST is MONDAY

Nov. 15
The Big Book Page Topics 1-14 are due tomorrow. See list posted on Nov. 9. Astronomy TEST is MONDAY

Nov. 14
The Big Book Page Topics 1-11 are due tomorrow. See list posted on Nov. 9. 

Nov. 13
Students need to complete the Lesson 3 Check on page 458. (Books must returned tomorrow.) Quiz tomorrow on Phases and Eclipses. TEST for the Astronomy Unit will be either Friday (11/16) or Monday (11/19). The Big Book Page is a review method for studying for the test. Topics 1-5 on the Big Book Page were due today.

Nov. 9
We soon will be completing the Astronomy Unit. In preparation for the upcoming test, which has not been scheduled yet, students will be doing a Big Book Page (Free Form Map). All topics covered in the Unit need to be reviewed and then represented by a diagram or picture, and a few words to help remind you of the meaning of the topic. Please refer to the following list: 

Nov. 8
Due tomorrow - Students need to complete the worksheet "Phases, Eclipses, and Tides"

Oct. 30 Moonrise = 11:80 pm  Moonset =  2:11 pm tomorrow
GRADES CLOSE FRIDAY! All work must be in by then. 

Oct. 24 Moonrise = 6: 57 pm  Moonset =  9:09 am 
Please check Poweschool to make sure all work is in. Grades close for Q1 next Friday!

Oct. 24 Moonrise = 6: 25 pm  Moonset =  8:01 am 
QUIZ tomorrow - covering all material pages 440-447 in book, which can be accessed online. The focus is on how the Earth moves and Seasons. A review will be done before the Quiz tomorrow. Reasons for Seasons conclusion due tomorrow:

Oct. 22 Moonrise = 5:28 pm  Moonset =  5:49 am 

Oct. 21 Moonrise = 5:00 pm  Moonset =  4:46 am 

Oct. 20 Moonrise = 4:33 pm  Moonset =  3:05 am 

Oct. 19 Moonrise = 4:03 pm  Moonset =  2:44 am 

Oct. 18 Moonrise = 3:30 pm  Moonset =  1:45 am (10/19)
Should be a good night to make a Moon Journal entry!

Oct. 17 Moonrise = 2:54 pm  Moonset =  12:47 am (10/18)
Students should have completed a Gravity Lab in class today. They need to complete the "Follow Up" for homework - Number each location from greatest to least gravity, Tell which locations would be the most and least massive planets/moon, Tell which location you can jump the farthest on, Tell which location where you would weigh the least and the most.
​ALL ASSIGNMENTS ON THE ASSIGNMENT LIST ARE DUE TOMORROW, including the Gravity and Motion worksheet.

Oct. 16 Moonrise = 2:13 pm  Moonset =  11:51 pm
Students have the worksheet "Gravity and Motion" due tomorrow.

Oct. 15 Moonrise = 1:27 pm  Moonset =  10:59 pm
Students were given a list today of assignments they may have not completed or started. The assignments can be accessed online through Pearson (See directions on how to get there on main page.) All assignments must be completed and turned in online by this Thursday, 10/18. (Students have been given time in class, but may need more time for completing them outside of class time.)

Oct .14 Moonrise = 12:35 pm  Moonset = 10:11 pm

Oct. 13 Moonrise = 11:38 am  Moonset = 9:26 pm

Oct. 12 Moonrise = 10:37 am  Moonset = 8:46 pm

Oct. 11 Moonrise = 9:32 am  Moonset = 8:09 pm
Students have been assigned to keep a moon journal. The expectation is to observe the moon for the next month - one lunar cycle. They need to log a minimum of three observations per week that include the date, time, and direction (E, W, N, S), as well as the angle of the location of the moon in the sky. Moonrise and set times will be posted here daily.
Key terms pages 440-447 are due by Monday 

Oct. 10
Grades that are in Powerschool today are ones that will be reflected on the Progress Report. This does not mean that work cannot be turned in. There is still time to turn in assignments that are missing. 

Oct. 9
Quiz is tomorrow - See below for review (pay close attention to scientists that contributed to the geocentric and then the heliocentric models) 

Oct. 5
Quiz Tuesday - Lesson 1 of Topic 9 Pearson Book (e-text can be accessed through a student's PSchool acct.) Key Terms 428-36

Oct. 2 Students that finished their Constellation Model need to complete the follow up questions, which will be due tomorrow. Constellation Activity WS.pdf

Oct. 1
Due tomorrow: Constellations Article.pdf (See directions at the end of the assignment) 

Sept. 27
Due today - Quest Kick Off Questions (Done in class)

Sept. 21
Measurement Review Guided Questions due Monday
Measurement.pdf    Measurement handout Questions.pdf

Sept. 19
Inference Cube Activity was due today - Tomorrow students need to hand in the Inference or Observations WS.
Cube Evaluation Lab.pdf

Sept. 18
Due tomorrow: Hurricanes Article       10 Worst US Hurricanes
1.“How Do Hurricanes Form?” article - Highlight or underline all important parts of the article that explains how a hurricane forms, including ocean temperature, air conditions, the role of pressure, and what happens to a hurricanes strength when it hits land. 2. Put all of that you underlined in a paragraph in your own words to explain the nature of a  hurricane. 3. 3. Explain what factors determine the “Category” of a hurricane 4. “From Katrina to Galveston: The worst hurricanes to hit the U.S.” article. List by name the number of lives lost and the cost of each of the ten hurricanes. Explain which hurricane was the worst in terms of lives lost and which one was the worst in terms of being the most expensive. 5. When did they start assigning names to hurricanes? 6. Give an update on Hurricane Florence.

Sept. 13
Students identified variables of a valid experiment in class today. They are expected to complete this assignment tonight by coming up with a hypothesis for each of the 5 scenarios given.

Sept. 12
No homework tonight.

Sept. 11
No homework tonight.

Sept. 10
Students need to write the "Egg Explanation" in complete sentences in paragraph form explaining how the egg got into the flask and how it got out. This is due tomorrow.

Sept. 7
No Homework this weekend :-)

Sept. 6
Students observed the "Egg Demo" today. For homework they need to write their observations in paragraph form in past tense, without using personal pronouns. This is due tomorrow.

Sept. 4 
Please be sure to turn in your signed papers (See below.)

Aug. 31
WELCOME! Please sign and return both the "Welcome to Grade 8 Science" and the "Safety Contract" by Tuesday, Sept. 4