Mrs. Manns' Math 180 Classes

Please ask your students for the letter that outlines Math 180 grading policy as set forth by the district.  This document was handed out 10/18/18.  Click on the link to view the document:  Math 180 Grading Policies

Math 180 Curriculum for the week 01/14 through 01/8/19

All Math 180 students will be taking the Math Inventory in Math 180 for the second time this year.  This is to enable measurement of progress and collection of data points for future math placements.  There will be one more Math Inventory in late spring.  

Periods 1, 3 and 6 
Course 1 students continue to work in Math 180  Block 5 on Fraction Relationships with topics to include Strategies for Comparing Fractions, Equivalent Fraction on a Number Line and Adding and Subtracting Fractions.  Students are currently on the last Topic and embarking on Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.    

Periods 1 and 4
Course II students have completed Block 2.  Students will complete any missing assignments in the Block this week, review for the Block mSkills assessment, and complete the mSkills assessment.  

Periods 4 and 7
Course I students continue to work in Math 180 Block 5 on The Distributive Property with topics to include Place Value in Multiplication, Strategies for Multiplication, and Two-Digit Multiplication.  Students are currently on the last Topic and embarking on Two-Digit Multiplication.   

Monday, January 21st is an observed holiday in memory of Martin Luther King.  

Grade 8 Open Houses at both high schools are as follows:  Thursday, January 10th at Pittsfield High School,  Thursday, January 17th at Taconic High School.  Plan to attend with your grade 8 students.  

Friday, January 25th is the last day of Q2.  It is also a half-day for students. 

January is a Benchmarking month for middle schools.  Students will be taking benchmarks in ELA and Math (Collections, Go Math and FastBridge).