Mr. Berryman's Class
Social Studies will focus on American History, specifically the creation of American government (national, state, & local) and the role that students will play as citizens living in the United States.

Grading Weights:
-Quizzes: 50%
-Tests: 35%
-Class Participation: 10%
-Homework: 5%

Specific topics:
  • Philosophical foundations of the US political system

  • Development of US government

  • Institutions of the US government

  • Rights/Responsibilities of citizens

  • Constitution, Amendments, & Supreme Court Decisions

  • Structure of MA state and local government

  • Freedom of Press & news/media literacy

    Skills Emphasized:

    • Note taking
    • Telling the story of historical events using important historical ideas/terms
    • Test and Quiz Preparation & Completion
    • Essay writing using evidence to support a claim or position

    School Supplies:

    • Note book: any type, but preferably with a folder or pocket
    • Folder (if not in notebook)
    • Pen/Pencil
    • Colored pencils (optional)