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5/18 Periods 1,2, and 4 are receiving some computer time today because they all tied on the game "Who Am I",  58 seconds to get through all 27 countries in Latin America.

Choose from the following:
Cool Math
Sheppard Software Geography Games

5/14- Latin America test retakes are Tuesday during extended hr and after school and Thursday during extended hr and after school.

5/3  Homework due Monday, 5x each on lined paper- Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia    Also Latin America test on May 11 spelling test.  Study guide is in Google Drive folder with a blank map as well.

4/25  Students have homework tonight, 5 X each of Caribbean countries and 6 South American Countries.  You can find how to set up the homework in the Google Drive Folder.

4/23  Students who were absent the Friday before break must make up the following survey in class.
4/9-  First period watched the following video, students had to write at least 5 statements about the video. 

3/27 and 3/28  We watched a short clip on the Caribbean Islands and then filled in the 
Caribbean Worksheet that is in the Google Share Folder
Click here for the video clip
3/23  We watched the following video clips,  please write 5 statement from the first video and then 2 for each of the short videos.

3/9-  Olympic Booklet Due today. 

3/8-  WS- Olympic Booklet Due 

3/7- Students watched the first 15-20 minutes of the movie below on South Korea.  While students watched they were to write 5 statements from the movie.  Many students were out being a half day, students still need to make this up. 

2/2- Students have a quiz on Wednesday 2/7 on Using the Tools of Geography, we have taken a few days to make a study guide.  You can find it in the Google Drive Folder to the left.

Jan 10- Check out some fun facts about Berkshire County.
Click Here .   Fun Facts about Massachusetts!  Click here

Jan. 9-  Use the following website to find at least 4 activities in Berkshire County.  These need to be from different towns and cities and you must go to their website and tell us at least 2 things about this activity.  
Click Here

JAn.8-  Students are to bring some type of map in by Friday.  In no way is to anyone buy anything,  there are many different maps out there.  You can look at things online, pick up tourist pamphlets, even make your own map.  We talked today about different types of maps.  We brought up Special Interest maps which could be subway maps, bus maps, college campus maps, and Amusement Park maps and many more!

Jan. 3-  We watched the following quick video on types of maps
Types of Maps

Dec15- Student got back the test they took on Monday.  If they received a 65 or below they have a chance to take a retake next week on Tuesday or Thursday during extended homeroom or after school on Tuesday.  They can use the study guide that was put together last week.  It is in the Google Drive Folder.

Dec. 7-  We reviewed latitude and longitude, if you want the answers go to the Google Drive folder on the left and look for "Wherever You Go, There You Are".  Remember that the coordinates on the left do not need to be exact, they can be off a few.

Dec. 5-  Test on Latitude and Longitude and Time Zones on Monday, Dec 11.  Use the two study guide sheets in the Google Drive Folder to the left.

Nov. 9- Let's practice latitude and longitude.  Use one of the following:

Treasure Hunt

Find Hannah

Find the city and state

LAtitude and Longitude

IXL Lat. and Long.


Nov. 8-  HW due tomorrow. WS- Latitude and Longitude, you can find it in this folder

Oct. 30-  Folders are due on Friday 11/3

Oct. 25- HW- WS As the World Turns ( 2 pages) due tomorrow

Oct. 18-  Students will have a quiz on the 5 themes of geography on Monday 10/23 use #10 and 12 in your folder to study.

Oct. 16-  Study for upcoming quiz on 5 themes of Geography, I didn't decide until after
school that it will be MOnday Oct 23.  You can use numbers 10-12 from your folder to study.

Oct. 5, 2017-  After you finish the District survey please go to the following website and take the quiz on the 5 Themes of Geography.
click here

Oct 4, 2017-  We watched the following movie on the 5 Themes of Geography 
click here
Sept. 25-  Students are to write each continent and ocean 5 times each.  You can click on Google Drive Folder to the left and then find 5x each continents and oceans.

Quiz is still on Thursday

Sept. 21-  Quiz on Continents and Oceans on Sept 28  SPELLING COUNTS

Sept. 20-  Students have a quiz on the 7 continents and major oceans on Sept 28.  Students finished cards to study with today and also a map and extra cards can found in the Google Drive Folder on the left column of this website.

Sept. 13-  Students have a quiz on the parts of a S.S. textbook on Wed. Sept 20.  They worked on making little study cards today.  Copies of the notes and cards can be found in the Google Drive folder on the left column of this website.

Sept. 11  Watch this movie  on Sept. 11th

Sept 5-  Went over Welcome letter that will need to be signed by this Friday Sept, 8th. (Welcome Letter can be found in the Google Drive Folder on the left column of this website)  Also by Friday students should try to bring in 2- 2 pocket folders.  


In 6th grade, students address standards that emphasize physical and political geography using the five themes of Geography- Movement, Region, Human Environment Interaction, Location, and Place.  Continents that will be explored are, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.


Map skills are continued through out the year starting with parts of a map, latitude and longitude, learning about different types of maps, to constructing their own maps.


Many of the ELA standards are used  throughout Social Studies


·          Analyzing, evaluating, and differentiating between primary and secondary sources.


·          Gaining knowledge from challenging texts that often make extensive use of elaborate diagrams and data to convey information and illustrate concepts.


·          Reading complex informational texts independently and confidently.